Organize Your Paper Files

The following organizational system was originally created by professional genealogists to keep track of hundreds of clients each day. It has been shared with university and college students to prepare them for their successful years in the future as genealogists. Now it is yours!

  • You can cross-reference each individual in your genealogy software program to their unique paper documents.
  • It provides quick access to compiled genealogies covering specific surnames,
  • It maintains paper documents and content tables to location-based files pertaining to a specific family.                                                                                                                                        


If you use Legacy Family Tree 8.0, click here for the lesson.



Finally! All materials are in a logical place when you need them in order to:

  • prepare a new research plan,
  • share your work with the family when they drop in for a visit,
  • write a report for the family reunion,
  • gather your assets to build a Web site,
  • or write that family history.

Free your mind in order to do more of what you would like to do next!


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